Reef eScape's retail store and online shop offer everything needed to set up your aquarium, including a wide selection of marine fish, corals, and invertebrates, as well as freshwater aquatic animals and plants. However, we're so much than just a place to buy your aquarium supplies—we also provide a full range of professional services designed to help you make the most of your new hobby.

As the D.C. area's premier aquatic services provider, Reef eScape has the skills and experience necessary to handle your aquarium installation needs. Setting up an aquarium is a complex task requiring precision and extreme attention to detail. To avoid jeopardizing the health of your livestock or risking damage to your property, contact us to discuss how we can help you safely set up your tank in your home or business. We work with clients in Northern Virginia, the greater D.C. Metro, throughout Southern and Eastern Maryland, and the metropolitan Baltimore area.

About Our Aquarium Installation Services

An aquarium is a miniature ecosystem providing a safe and comfortable home for the aquatic creatures you've selected, but setting up your tank can be tricky. For example, you'll want to avoid putting your aquarium in direct sunlight, near a heat source, or in a drafty area. It must also be in a level spot with a main electrical outlet nearby.

Reef eScape's professional installation services can help ensure your tank is ready to provide years of enjoyment. We will:

  • Inspect the flooring in the area where placement is desired to ensure the area can handle the weight of the aquarium
  • Evaluate the lighting in the area you've selected
  • Look for hidden hazards that could be a safety risk for livestock or the occupants of your home or business
  • Inspect the support of the aquarium itself
  • Ensure space for proper filtration
  • Fill the tank and test water quality
  • Ensure the tank is level
  • Introduce livestock to their new home

While we are happy to offer advice to help alleviate any concerns you have about caring for your setup, we recommend that those who want to enjoy a stress-free aquarium experience consider investing in one of our regular maintenance plans. We'll handle all the tasks needed to ensure your aquarium stays in top condition, so you can focus on simply enjoying the newest addition to your home or business.

Prices for aquarium installation will depend on the size of your tank and the complexity of the desired setup.

We're Here to Help

Whether you're an experienced aquarist or this is your first time purchasing a tank, Reef eScape is here to ensure you're able to enjoy all the benefits of this fun and exciting hobby. Reach out today to schedule an appointment with one of our dedicated staff members to discuss how we can assist with your installation needs.