Let Us Make Your Aquarium Dreams Come True

An aquarium is so much more than just a visually appealing focal point for your room. A well-designed aquarium is a self-contained ecosystem that lets you observe how a complex aquatic environment functions on a small scale as you relax, refocus, and recharge your batteries.

Visit Reef eScape’s Retail Store

There are many variables to consider when you’re designing and installing an aquarium, but Reef eScape can help you evaluate your options and design anything from a small, basic tank to the aquarium of your dreams. In our retail store, we offer everything needed to help you be successful in your new hobby, including filtration, lighting, plumbing, and everything else. In addition to offering a wide selection of marine fish, corals, and invertebrates, we also offer freshwater aquatic animals and plants. We provide full-system evaluations that address water testing for either an established or a new/cycling tank, husbandry practices, livestock compatibility, equipment reviews, and more.

Take Advantage of Our Professional Services

If you would rather spend your time enjoying your aquarium than working on it (cleaning glass and filters, changing water, testing and adjusting water chemistry, animal husbandry, and animal quarantine), our professional aquarium design, installation, and maintenance services may be right for you. We serve both residential customers and businesses throughout Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. Contact us today to learn more!