"They are great. We had someone else set it up, and they took over. They take care of everything, so it is really a total service. They are really reliable and responsible. They are friendly and knowledgeable. I can’t compare pricing because I don’t really know what other people are charging. Their price of $375 a month actually seemed reasonable, but it always costs more than that because we are getting coral, fish, and food. So, it is rarely $375, and it actually turned into a much more expensive thing than we thought, but I don’t know that it is unreasonable. We started with them, and we liked them. They seem to know what they are doing. I know it is more expensive than we had anticipated but that is not their fault, and I don’t want to hold that against them. They are responsive. They come out really right away when there are issues like if the motor goes bad or whatever, and we can e-mail them. My husband deals with all that and I don’t deal with it, but from what I am hearing, they are really responsive. They just come when they come, and they get in the house. They come once a week, and they do it themselves, so it doesn’t really matter if we are not even home at the time. I assume they are punctual.

Description of Work

We have an aquarium, and Reef eScape comes out every week to clean our tank. It is a saltwater tank, and they bring in coral and fish. They give us food. They set up people’s tanks as well."

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