"I was very fortunate to encounter Reef eScape on the internet. I had just gone through a nightmarish situation with another company, Reef eScape was a lifesaver, they upgraded me to a beautiful 220-gallon reef aquarium that is breathtaking. Dedicated, dependable, knowledgeable, and passionate about their work with aquariums. And customer satisfaction is extremely important.

The aquarium is both peaceful and alive. The corals are brilliant with colors and most of them seem to move as if they’re dancing in air. The fish and invertebrates are all peaceful, happy, and in love with their home. Careful thought, research, and observation were done to accomplish those processes. Finally, there’s one more thing to mention. Phil has a magic touch when it comes to constructing live-rock landscapes (or “reefscapes.”) One can tell that the animals are very happy because they are constantly exploring every area of their beautiful home.

Thanks, Phil and Reef eScape for your passion, care, dedication, and love for the animals and customers.

PS—It’s true that (with weekly service visits) they do all of the work…I only have to feed everyone."

Washington, D.C.